Mailhouse Melbourne

At what point is it more cost effective for me to outsource my mail to Mailhouse Direct?
Most businesses find that it is far more cost effective to have a mailhouse manage their mail for 500 units or more.

What format does my database need to be saved in?
Microsoft Excel, Comma delimited, CSV or Access files are all acceptable.

I’m concerned about the security of my database. Are there security procedures in place?
We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements if your work is of a sensitive nature. When the database has been sent via disk, we return it promptly upon completion of job. If it has been emailed, we delete & destroy all information upon completion of job.

What is the turn around time from brief to post?
Upon receipt of all items and databases we are able to have most jobs processed and lodged the next business day.

How does barcoding work, and will it save me much in postage?
In order to facilitate a more accurate and speedier delivery of mail, Australia Post developed a barcoding system. It gives companies access to the pre sort delivery system effectively reducing postage costs.

Do you have a database management service?
Yes, we have a data input service and we also are able to de-duplicate lists.

What is the most cost effective way to send mail?
That depends on the type of mail, the weight of the finished product and the amount being sent. We will advise you on the best solutions for your needs.

Do you supply data lists?
No but we can suggest mailing list companies to assist you with the purchase of a data list.

Are you able to fold and collate material to insert?
Yes, we are able to fold and collate material in a variety of sizes.

Pamphlet deliveries / letterbox drops

What happens when a letterbox has a “no junk mail” sign.
Unaddressed mail is delivered to all private addresses that do not display the message “no unaddressed advertising material” or similar words. The per 1000 price excludes households with “no unaddressed advertising material” or similar words.

Is it important to have full colour flyers/brochures?
Certainly full colour flyers have a great impact, however, a one colour or basic black on coloured or white paper will still get your business noticed and at a reduced cost.

What’s the minimum number I can distribute?

Minimum distribution is 1000.

Can I target several suburbs?

We cover many suburbs across Melbourne and we can advise you on the number of households in each suburb.

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